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If you have any interest in UX, if you're a beginner to UX or even if you're experienced in UX; you will find this UX case study template useful.

It details the full design process from creating a 'Problem Statement' to listing objectives and goals, research, competitor analysis, personas, defining tasks, sketching (wireframing), prototyping and finally final UI designs. Basically if you wish to create a new website, product or app you can use this template as the basis for your creation.

What is especially great about this free Figma UX case study template is that it also includes a working example of the template being used for a 'car pooling app', so if you're unsure how to use some of the parts of this template you can reference the example app template to help inform you how to fill it out.

For many UX designers they don't actually clearly list all of the processes they go through in making a new app or website, they just sporadically do things (such as making personas or creating user journeys) when they feel like it. But this template actually clearly defines all processes on one artboard.

Now it's important to remember you don't have to use this UX template perfectly, you can grab elements and then add your own processes to make a beautiful UX template that works for you. But as a starting point it really is amazing.

To access this free Figma UX case study template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you will now have an editable version of the UI kit in your Figma working files library.

Author: Kailash Saravanan and Mohammed Arshad

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